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Version: 0.1.0


Welcome to the CarVach API. This API allows you to interact with CarVach vehicles, providing a seamless way to retrieve detailed information, track vehicle metrics, and perform various operations.

Whether you're developing applications for fleet management, vehicle tracking, or user-centric experiences, CarVach API empowers you with a comprehensive set of endpoints.


CarVach is a vehicle connectivity infrastructure that provides a seamless way to integrate with vehicles from various Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs). It enables developers to retrieve vehicle data, track metrics, and potentially perform operations (depending on OEM support) through a comprehensive set of APIs. You can checkout our website for more.

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  1. Your Single Page Application make request to your server to start vehicle integration.

  2. Server reponds with an authorization url which takes user to Carvach Direct.

  3. Carvach Direct is platform that makes it easier for your application to integrate vehicles smoothly. There user will be presented with a consent page and all the permissions required for your application to function.

  4. After that, Carvach does the bodylifting and provides your applicaton server an access token.

  5. Your application uses the access token to hit Carvach APIs.
  6. Carvach responds with vehicle related data.